Coeur d’Azur Photo Competition

2019 Coeur d’Azur Photo Competition (photo by Linda Zenoria)

The 2019 Coeur d’Azur Photo Competition begins Monday, 1 July, 2019. All entries must be posted on Flickr by Sunday night, 14 July, 2019. Winners will be announced Sunday, 21 July, 2019 at 12 noon at the Citadel Gardens Gallery. The contest is intended to feature activities at one of the photographer’s favorite regions, Coeur d’Azur.

Coeur d’Azur has an old fishing village that is now used for vacationers. The beach features tai chi, beach towels and loungers, numerous spots to cuddle (rocks, inner tubes, rowboat, a hut), dancing at Coeur Gentil for singles and couples, a restaurant, ice cream stand, bumper boats, volleyball, surf boards, bicycles, jet-ski, and a shower. Residents can their own appropriate beach blankets and picnic items (while they are using them).

The photos should capture views of the shops, activities at the beach, unique shots among the cottages, games in progress, or anything (for an M rated sim) that brings the view to life. While overall shots are acceptable, we will favor those photos that show that Coeur d’Azur is a place to meet people, interact, do things together… live.

Up to four photos may be submitted directly on the Flickr website. This will help us determine the desired aspect ratio for the gallery where the photos will be displayed. It will put your work on display for everyone to see. The photos may be post-processed (cropped, adjusted, etc.). The photos will appear in the Citadel Gardens gallery beginning the 15th of July.

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