Ville de Coeur has nearly 200 rental properties spread over the eight regions. Many of these properties can be used as boutiques or residences. Some should be used only as boutiques or galleries.

We classify the rentals primarily by the location and the features:

Apartments are located in the villages and all have doors. These have security, but they do not have hidden avatar capability or the ability to restrict voice or sounds and cannot have their own private music or video streams. They have relatively low land impact. Apartments in Azur are limited in the number of additional LI that can be added, and what can be added is slightly more expensive than in other areas.

Boutiques are located in the villages. The apartments can be used as boutiques, but they have doors and dedicated boutiques do not. Some boutiques are situated in multistory buildings that appear as townhouses but do not have the privacy features of a townhouse. The parcel name cannot be changed to reflect the shop name and the sound and media streams are the same as those used throughout the village.

Townhouses are located in the villages. These can be used as residences and may be used as shops or galleries. Townhouses are somewhat more expensive than boutiques due to the higher land impact and additional features such as hidden avatar privacy, custom audio and media streams, and isolated voice and sound. When used as a shop, most locations can also have the parcel name changed to reflect the name of the business. What appear to be townhouses in Annecy are actually multi-level shops and cannot have privacy.

Detached Houses are mostly located in the country and have some amount of land around the structure. These range from a small gatehouse to chateaux. All detached houses have full hidden avatar privacy and may have their own audio and media streams. They all come with security and the carriage may be called close to the property.