There are a number of venues throughout Ville de Coeur. Some of the venues are dedicated and others are configured for special events.

The venues each have certain characteristics, and we try to assign performers to fit their style and audience. The size of the audience is the most important factor, because some venues are larger and more open than others. Some venues may be located on regions that cannot support large audiences, so these are reserved for DJs and special events that are not heavily promoted.

Dedicated Venues

Dedicated venues are usually readily available for performances. Except for the church, these have singles and couples dance balls and a stage. However, they vary in size and function:

Citadel Gardens

Citadel Gardens, Aquitaine, Ville de Coeur

Citadel Gardens is designed as an outdoor garden located in Aquitaine. It consists of a dance floor surrounded by tables and chairs and champagne. The venue can hold up to about 40 people comfortably, but has had as many as 55. Client-side lag can be a problem for some, but the venue is elevated and there is nothing beyond the area within 128 meters on two sides. This venue is designated formal and usually has classical and romantic music.

La Place des Lumieres

La Place des Lumieres, Aquitaine, Ville de Coeur

La Place des Lumieres is located in the center of Aquitaine in a square, surrounded by shops and houses. This consists of a dance floor with a stage in one corner, and tables and chairs along one side. The venue can hold about 30 people comfortably. This venue is designated casual and usually has pop and rock music.

Harbor Square

Harbor Square, Aquitaine, Ville de Coeur

Harbor Square is located at the base of the stairs below Citadel Gardens next to the harbor in Aquitaine. This square is one of the largest and most open in Ville de Coeur. It can hold up to about 60 people. This venue is designated casual and has a number of different types of concerts and special events. Although this is a dedicated venue, trolleys pass through this area regularly and only a host or management at Ville de Coeur can tell them to take a detour.

Les Folies du Coeur

Les Folies du Coeur

Located near the docks along the promenade on the south shore of Aquitaine is Les Folies du Coeur. This is a cabaret style theater with major stage productions. The photo shows Sinner’s Burlesque. Currently, Debauche! performs here each month. This venue is designated formal can hold up to 40 people seated and is completely enclosed to help reduce client side lag. Focusing on the stage can dramatically improve FPS, and these productions are well worth seeing in detail.

Annecy Amphitheater

Annecy Amphitheater

Annecy Amphitheater is located at the north end of the lake in Coeur Lac Annecy. This venue has the largest outdoor stage and the largest dance floor of all dedicated venues. It is designated casual and can seat over 90 people (region limit). There is a trolley station located behind the amphitheater seating area, and tunnels leading to the lake side boardwalk. Due to the lake as a backdrop, client side lag can be reduced by limiting draw distance. At 128 meters, there would be very few objects behind the stage.

There is no comparable venue at Lac Annecy in real life. Here, some performances may involve activities on the lake, such as a Handel concert/boat parade, ice skating, regattas, para-sailing, fishing tournament, etc.

Le Coeur Gentil

Le Coeur Gentil is located at the beach in Coeur d’Azur. It is a seaside dance and performance area. It is the only venue where beachwear would be acceptable any time of the year. The venue is limited by the region, which can support no more than 20 people. This includes residents, so the venue itself typically has DJs as performers.

L’Eglise de Bourgogne

L’Eglise de Bourgogne

L’Eglise de Bourgogne is based on a RL church in Chateauneuf-en-Auxois, Bourgogne, France. This is a medieval church where services are held each Saturday. The church is sometimes used for musical presentations and weddings. This venue can hold up to 40 people seated, with others standing. As an enclosed space, the client side lag is low. It is designated casual.

Multi-Purpose Venues

Performances also may occur at a few venues that are reconfigured as necessary for a specific theme. Often, these are the sites of festivals. The most often used multi-purpose venue is the Hospice de Bourgogne and the adjacent pond.

Hospice de Bourgogne

Hospice de Bourgogne

The Hospice in Bourgogne structure was inspired by the Hospices de Beaune, located in Bourgogne, France. In real life, this facility was founded in 1443 by Chancellor Nicolas Rolin as a place for the poor and sick. Today, portions of the building complex are reserved as a museum showing the beds, chapel, and pharmacy. Other parts of the complex are used for wine auctions.

In Coeur de Bourgogne, Ville de Coeur, this building is used as a kind of “holodeck”. We have a chapel and pharmacy permanently on display, but the area where the beds are sometimes located often has a set for a particular event. The largest section of this building is sometimes configured for wine auctions but more often is configured as something else. For example:

  • Numerous Ballroom Configurations
  • Nightclub in the style of Studio 54
  • Horse Arena
  • Lodge
  • Horse Soccer Field
  • Chalet
  • Theater
  • Carnival in Venice
  • Montmartre
  • Irish Glen
  • Tropical Beach
  • Haunted Woods
  • Jungle

Hospice Pond

Adjacent to the Hospice de Bourgogne is a pond that is used in winter for ice skating. Like the Hospice itself, this area can be reconfigured. For example:

  • Amphitheater (most amphitheater activities have been moved to Coeur Lac Annecy)
  • Field
  • Airfield
  • Dancing Dock (plaza on the pond)