Things to Do

Ville de Coeur strives to replicate an active community filled with places to go and things to do. We have regular events and special events but these occur only at specific times, typically between 10 am and 3 pm SLT. Here are things you can do when there are no events scheduled:


There are three types of automated tours you can take through Ville de Coeur. Two of these are guided: Walking Tour and Trolley Tour. These two will automatically take you along a preset route through all seven regions. The third type is a carriage ride, but you need to know where you want to go. There are some obvious choices, such as shopping and venues. We suggest you stick with these unless you are a resident or you know the address of a particular resident.

Another option might be to find someone in the community that will take you on a customized tour. Be sure to tip them for their time!

Eat & Drink

You’ll of course want to get a bite to eat and stay hydrated while exploring Ville de Coeur. There are numerous eateries and cafés scattered throughout the countryside. These range from bay-side outdoor cafés to fine dining restaurants. We also encourage our residents & merchants to provide cooking classes and culinary reviews!

Sports & Fitness

Of course, one disadvantage of all the great food you’ll find in Ville de Coeur is the calories you’ll need to burn off to maintain a healthy avatar. You’ll find plenty of ways to stay fit! There are options to play mini-golf, go bowling, horseback riding, rowing (in season), bicycle riding, beach activities, or workout at the gym. Of course, you can always walk on your own, but please stay clear of homes that do not have green signs in front of them. Most have security and ejection from the village may occur shortly after a warning.


After a long day of exploring Ville de Coeur, you will want to take a break and relax for another fun-filled day of events and activities. Auberge Mon Rèpos in Coeur de Bourgogne is the ideal location for spending the night. Breakfast is included. There is a bakery just outside the door and a wine shop and fine dining restaurant can be found across the street. There is another hotel in Amalfi with a view overlooking the sea.


There are several parks in Ville de Coeur that have cuddle spots and areas for picnics. These parks are all open to the public but only residents may rez picnic items.


We feel that an integral part of a thriving community is education. You may also meet some residents that might be willing to speak to you in French. There is a book shop where you can read some classic literature. If you are new to SL, we have a welcome center that can help you get started. We may add more resources in the future, so stay tuned!


There are three churches in Ville de Coeur. Services are held regularly in l’Eglise de Bourgogne. Although this service is from the High Church of Scotland, the service is open to everyone, including non-believers and those of other faiths. It is especially nice for listening to a wide variety of music and community involvement. You are welcome to attend these churches at other times as well. The church in Normandie is privately rented, but open to the public. Please feel free to show your appreciation for her efforts.

There are also a few areas for introspection and meditation. The beach in Azur has Tai-Chi.