Mysterious- Writing Competition

Those of you, who were present at the prize ceremony for the horse photo competition, might have heard it.
We were absolutely fascinated by 1 picture- it didn’t make the first place- but we were intrigued because we feel that it is telling a story.
What the story is we don’t know- but we want you to write it.
Melanie- the photographer did not give me a name for the photo so I called it “Mysterious”.

Now- there are so many possibilities and potential scenarios- is she running away? Meeting a lover? Is she a spy? What is the story?
Please contribute your thoughts- prose or poetry- both is fine and no required minimum or maximum ( she is a spy would be too short though 🙂
Now- what happens to these poems or stories? Of course, they will be published- but depending on the outcome- it could be the basis for a role play event- or a film?
There will be some cash incentives too.
You can get your head down now and start writing and we need your input on a note card (if you want to submit via a different format contact Bedrich or Ayla) by 28 July, midnight SL.
Any questions- just ask- and we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Bedrich & Ayla

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