Spring Challenge – THE VOICE Magazine CONTEST 2023

Spring has begun to dressed up all VdC`s sims in her colorful clothes. Nature is whispering to us that there is life everywhere, and with every beginning of spring – there is happiness! It’s time to take care of the still silent gardens covered in white, to open the windows wide and welcome spring with all its suite – and this made the subject of Ville de Coeur`s “The Voice Challenge”:

Spring Challenge

We thank and congratulate the participants for their inspiring contribution not only to the contest, but also to The Voice archive of pictures that represent the beauty and uniqueness of Ville de Coeur`s life and community.

Below are the photos for the competition. Please vote for the picture you like best – and for even more votes, you can invite your friends to vote for you too!

ATTENTION – Please consider giving yourself enough time to see all the photos entered in the contest – before voting. Voting is open from March 2nd to March 10th 12 PM SLT.

Here we go!

Beate Geesink

Claudia Bernheim

Kris Lilliehook

Sandy L.

Amelie Mersereau

Lucas Von Broich

Lena Carina Nowikow

Nora Rebecca Weber

Mike Anderson


The Voice Editor


The winners of the Spring Contest are:

Lena Carina Nowikow 11 votes -1.500 l

Lucas Von Broich 8 votes – 1.000 l

Claudia Bernheim 7 votes – 700 l


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