International Friendship Day – THE VOICE Magazine CONTEST

International Friendship Day was officially adopted in 2011, in order to convey the message of friendship between individuals, countries, cultures and peoples, but also that bridges can be built between communities. Friendship promotes acceptance regardless of nationality, skin color, religion, gender – and through mutual understanding builds trust. Hates violence, physical or verbal, and opposes oppression and prejudice.It is connected through words – but also beyond them, and is important for both – social and emotional development.

So many stories gathered from all over the world about the strong connection between man and animals are the living proof that friendship is a very strong connection that transcends any boundary – and we still have a lot to learn from it. Is one of our basic needs – because it brings with it everything that means humanity, empathy, care.

In May`s Ville de Coeur magazine issue we announced the 2nd Challenge: International Friendship Day Photo Contest. A well-taken photo can tell a story – or contain details with a strong message – and this was challenge for you.

The most original and inspired photos will be awarded and exhibited, along with all the other photos, on our International Friendship`s Day celebration special event. Maco, Akilikos and Ricky will be our special guest!

You surprised us, once again, with your original ideas that send a strong, beautiful message to our Second Life community! Congratulations everyone – and thank you!

Below are the photos for the competition. Vote for the picture you like best – and for even more votes you can invite your friends to vote for you too.


Flower Dreams Creations
Sascha`s Designs
Special sponsor

Good luck everyone!

Here we go:

Claudia Bernheim – Friendship with Mine

Claudia Bernheim – Friendship with Mine 2

Beate Geesink – United we stand divided we fall

Beate Geesink – True friendship never die

Lena Carina Nowikow – Friends for Friendship Day 2021

Lena Carina Nowikow – All in one boat

Sandy L – My lovely falcon

Sandy L – Playing for horses

Maryse – My lifeguard friend

Maryse – My Sweet Rabbit




International Friendship Day Contest is over and the winners are:

1st place – Lena Carina Nowikow – All in one boat
Prize offered by our Special Sponsor of The Voice Magazine: 1000 l.

2nd place – Beate Geesink – True friendship never die
Prize offered by Flower Dreams Creations – 1000 L Gift card.

3rd place – Claudia Bernheim – Friendship with Mine 2
Prize offered by Sascha`s Designs – 500 l Gift card.

Participation prizes are also offered by our Special Sponsor: 300 l for Sandy L, Maryse and Raven.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants!

Keep an eye on The Voice magazine for the next challenge!

Thanks to The Voice Challenge sponsors:

Flower Dreams Creations
Sascha`s Designs
Special Sponsor

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