A Day at Ville de Coeur with Kaida and Aaron

There are many beautiful places in Second Life, but when you get to Ville de Coeur you discover a world that makes you feel at HOME. A welcoming community with people making our second life a trully pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing one.

Our dear friends Kaida and Aaron broke the ice and tell us today what a day spent on the land of the soulful city looks like.

Aaron: I have rented a little cottage in Amalfi for a little while now. Having known Ayla and Bedrich for many years through our shared horse riding activities, it made only sense for me to finally make a little home there.
When Kaida and I started dating in early May, Ville de Coeur was a place where we could be ourselves. It was also one place I really wanted to show Kaida, as it’s such a magical location, serene and cozy, where lovely people have made their homes as well.

Kaida: I remember my first visit to Ville de Coeur. The beautiful little cottage surrounded by lush plants, a feeling of fresh country air and people riding by on streetcars and bicycles. I was lucky enough to get a tour via horseback from Aaron, I recall the view being spectacular so much that I was gaping and “wowing” at almost everything. Each person we passed said hello, and I felt at home right away.

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Aaron: A few days later we attended a live performance show, Clairede and Ricky, and Kaida and I shared our first dance together. The live entertainment, DJs, and dance shows are something we both enjoy and try to attend when our schedules allow. The formal ball at Amalfi gives us an opportunity to dress to the nines and sweep the floor of the amazing ballroom.

Kaida: Each event we attend, be it a live singer or stage performance.. a garden party, birthday, or opening of a new gallery has been welcoming and magical. The people in Ville de Coeur are beyond compare. Never in my secondlife have I felt so at home, while at the same time on vacation. Each venue, store, and residence is curated with authentic care.

Aaron: There are so many lovely areas. Depending on your mood, you can go for a stroll in town and duck into one shop after another, or take a nice leisurely drive, bike or horse ride through the country side, or soak up the sun on the beach… even catch a wave in the bay.

Kaida: Do you remember that day we went to the beach? Sat in the shade under the umbrella talking for hours. Then watched the sun go down from the bench looking over the water in the harbor. It was so quiet and beautiful. Felt like one of the most perfect endings to such an exciting day.

Aaron: Ville de Coeur is a wonderful place. We are happy to call it our vacation home and love every moment we spend here, be it relaxing in any of the gardens, or beaches or attending events.

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