New Year- New Challenges-New Events!

One thing we have learned- Never Ever Rest On Your Laurels!!!

We love Ville de Coeur and the community that has grown- and some of our residents really actively support this- what a reward for us- a real treat.

Yes- Ville de Coeur- or VdC as we call it in a hurry is a beautiful place- 8 regions and each and everyone individually beautiful- there is a lot of love and a lot of labour in this- but- without you guys- who use it- hang out there- come to events- contribute with your own ideas- it would be just another pretty SIM.

There are plenty of beautiful places in SL- but YOU bring VdC to life- so- we are trying our best and work hard to entertain you- and to motivate you.

It is a job and a half- believe you me- not paid- and sometimes not appreciated- but the moments when we hear your praise- or experience your enjoyment are certainly worth it.

This community has certainly proved to be valuable during the times of the lockdown- you have the chance to socialize without being distant-you can join parties, festivals and activities- but also- we are here to listen. Never ever hesitate to talk to us when you feel isolated- we will be glad to listen- and if we can find a solution.

So it is all about your entertainment- but not only- we value you as an individual.

But for now- these are the plans for 2021 so far:

Obviously we still have our regular entertainers like Aleykat, Akilikos,. Ricky, Claire, Arnaud, Maco, Hedy – there might be other guest performances- plus the DJs like Nando, Bomba and Moga and Sammi.

We will have the monthly Classical Ball with Magnus- but we might stage them as themed events.

We have 3 stage shows scheduled so far:

  1. The Greatest Showman- 13 March- 12.30 pm SL time
  2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show on 4 April at 12.30 pm SL time,
  3. Grease on 2 May 12.30 pm SL time

We will plan in a Classic Car Rally- maybe another bycicle race, Equestrian events etc.

We are talking about a staged theatre performance- so any would be actor- please contact us.

There are plenty of themed events planned- just follow the group announcements.

Let us entertain you!

Feel free to contact any of us if you have your own ideas

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