Food Market in Amalfi

Alimentari Panacetti – Food Market – Amalfi Dock

Alimentari Panacetti – Alsace Dock

Unless you have explored Amalfi more than a cursory view of the cathedral and piazza, then you have missed a lot! The best way is to take the trolley to the Amalfi circle and go through the tunnel next to the map of Amalfi (which is there in RL too!) The tunnel is in front of where the trolley stops. Careful, because that tunnel is a crossing for vehicles and pedestrians. In RL, there are likely to be cars blocking you but they go through there slowly. In SL, the vehicles aren’t likely to stop for you!

Just before you exit the tunnel into the piazza area, there are stairs to the left. Take those down and turn left at the bottom of the stairs. Voila! You have arrived at the market and dock area. Begin your exploration here (and be sure to look behind you). Alternatively, follow the link below the title of this article.

Our resident and merchant Great Daze did some exploring and has provided some memories:


  1. Amalfi Food market sounds like a place where I would love to explore to sample lots of local delicatessen. If only we were allowed to travel. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva 😊

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    • Hi Aiva! One of the many advantages to Second Life is that you can travel virtually, exploring not only real life locations, but also places of someone’s imagination. Our version of Amalfi isn’t exactly the way it really is, but we tried to hit some of the highlights. We don’t have the Cloisters of Paradise (adjacent to the cathedral in RL), and the location of this food market is actually a bus parking lot. The real life beach is a crowded sea of umbrellas. But it is still an amazing place to visit especially for the limoncello. Thank you for your comment and we hope to see you soon in Second Life!

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