La Pianiste

Video Series by K&M and Moo Meili Productions

This is the complete four part series produced by K&M Productions in association with Moo Meili Productions. The series features various locations in Ville de Coeur with visits to other sims.

La pianiste episode 1

Episode 1 takes place at the Angels International Airport in SL, Second Norway, the Hotel at Coeur de Bourgogne and the Piazza at Coeur di Amalfi.

La pianiste épisode 2

Episode 2 takes place in Aquitaine Coeur Nord at the Les Folies du Coeur theater/cabaret.

La pianiste épisode 3

Episode 3 starts in the hotel in Bourgogne and continues at The Blue Note Studio

La pianiste épisode 4

Episode 4 begins in the K&M Club in Vieux Colmar, briefly visits the hotel in Bourgogne, and finishes on the rooftop terrace of the Hotel La Fontana at Coeur di Amalfi.

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