Duomo di Sant’Andrea

Duomo di Sant’Andrea, Coeur di Amalfi, Ville de Coeur

The Duomo di Sant’Andrea cathedral in Coeur di Amalfi in Second Life.
Photo by GreatDaze

The town of Amalfi on the west coast of Italy surrounds a cathedral built starting in the 9th and 10th centuries. It has been modified over the centuries in various styles, with Arab-Norman, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements. The most recent is a Norman-Arab-Byzantine facade added in the 19th century, designed by architect Errico Alvino and completed in 1891. The Bell tower, Amalfi Cathedral mosaic, and Bronze portal can be seen in the virtual representation of this beautiful cathedral. The recreation includes the 62 exterior steps leading to the doors of the church, although they are not quite as high or steep as the real life stairs.

The Second Life version of the church and piazza was originally built for the wedding of Lin Carlucci and Nando Genzer. These were then used as the center of the new Coeur di Amalfi region in Ville de Coeur, which is the first region in the micro-continent not modeled after a French region.

Church services are held in Coeur di Amalfi during spring on Saturdays at 11 am SLT by Magnus Brody. All faiths and non-believers are welcome to attend for his music and inspirational words (the service is not Catholic). Be sure to turn on your audio stream to hear the presentation.

Other activities in the area include weekly performances in the piazza, usually by DJ Nando or a live performance by Akilikos. There is a ballroom under the cathedral where formal balls are held occasionally. The area includes opportunities for shopping, boating (mostly rowboats that can be taken anywhere in the 8 regions of Ville de Coeur), touring the area by trolley, bicycle riding, beach activities, and or simply exploring on foot! Be sure to stop by the bakery for some Italian delights.

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