December- and we are approaching Christmas!

At Ville de Coeur we will have 2 major Christmas events this year- the first one being on 14 December and Magnus Brody will guide us through this unusual event- we will go back in time and if you join us you will find yourself in the trenches of WWI- there was a remarkable and rare occurrence on Christmas Eve of 1914- we would encourage you to dress up- as soldiers, officers, nurses- doesn’t matter if English, German or French- I will write a bit about it every day from now on.

Ville de Coeur Christmas event 2014

Well- our first one- the second one will be more conventional.

On the 14 December, we will take you back in time- to the trenches of WWI. On Christmas Eve 1914 something truly amazing happened- something that symbolizes the true spirit of Christmas- no weapons- no enemies- no commerce- just celebrating the arrival of hope.
Magnus Brody will guide us through our time travel with his music and we will read some letters from the trenches- you are encouraged to contribute your own thoughts.

Thank you, Hassan for sharing this video with us:

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