1969 Hippie Festival at Ville de Coeur

Friday 18 Oct – Sunday 20 Oct 2019

Ville de Coeur 1969 Hippie Festival

Ayla is a bit reluctant to post Ville de Coeur events considering what is going on in the world- but then- this event is something with a message- not just back in 1969- but not more so- but very much so today- the 1969 Hippie Festival at Ville de Coeur- reviving the spirit of 1969 Woodstock- Make Love- not War!

From Friday 18 to Sunday 20 of October- a line up of passionate musicians with a message to share: Peace to the World!

Performances are held in the field adjacent to the Hospice de Bourgogne. Check the Event Calendar for dates and times. Featured artists include:

  • Moga – Pop/Psychedelic/Folk-Protest
  • Aby Hastings – 60s Pop
  • Akilikos – 60s/70s Classic Rock
  • Ricky – 60s Pop
  • Joaquin Gustov – Carlos Santana and other 60s Guitarists
  • Troubadours – Grateful Dead
  • Magnus Brody – Spiritual Pop Hits
  • Putri – 60s/70s Pop/Rock
  • Claire – 60s/70s Female Rock Singers
  • Hedy – 60s/70s Pop/Rock

Merchants are just outside the performance field with themed products.

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