Coeur d’Azur Photo Competition Results

The 2019 Coeur d’Azur Photo Competition lasted from Monday, 1 July, 2019 to Sunday night, 14 July, 2019. Winners were announced Sunday, 21 July, 2019 at 12 noon at Les Folies du Coeur. The contest was designed to show life at Coeur d’Azur, by showing shops, activities at the beach, unique shots among the cottages, games in progress, etc. There were fourteen photographers that submitted photos. Four judges selected their top 10 favorites and rated them 10 to 1. A multiplier was applied against the total scores as follows:


  • 1: No Activity/No People – Does not show life
  • 2: No Activity/People present
  • 3: Activity Shown, but Activity Not Supported/No Substitute
  • 4: Activity Shown/Activity Not Supported/Substitute Exists (could have used something else that serves the same functionality)
  • 5: Activity/Activity Exists


Amelie Mersereau

Quiet Moments at Day’s End – Photography by Amelie Mersereau
A Night on the Town – Photography by Amelie Mersereau
A Day of Shopping at the Wonderful Boutiques – Photography by Amelie Mersereau

Amelie and Sandy created some stunning photos of Coeur d’Azur showing not only the beauty of the sim, but a nice sampling of some of the things that can be done there.

“Quiet Moments” was taken on a dock on the north side of the region. “A Day of Shopping…” was taken using a rezzed car in front of Sasha’s Designs. Residents have the options of using various vehicles, including some cars (but they drive on the left side of the road ;). “A Night on the Town” was done by derezzing the existing table and chairs and rezzing their own, including violin player and waiter. Amazing work with both Azur and Aquitaine in the background!

Beate Geesink

May I see your sailing licence, please? – Photography by Beate Geesink

Beate created several photos based on the theme of lifeguard/rescuer. There are jet-skis available at the beach. Some residents have their own sailboats. Rowboats are available for everyone at a dock on the east side of Ville de Aquitaine.

Claudia Bernheim

Feed the Dolphin – Photography by Claudia Bernheim
With my seahorse submarine at Coeur d’Azur – Photography by Claudia Bernheim

The rocks at Coeur d’Azur have a number of animations for singles and couples. You can use them to swim, feed a dolphin, just sit, or cuddle. The submarine is not present at the beach, but residents can rez their own vehicles.

Jonny Tarantello

En route to our treasure destination – Photography by Jonny Tarantello
Eureka! Barbary treasure chest found – Photography by Jonny Tarantello

Jonny wrote a story and photographed scenes for the story. This has inspired us to sponsor a contest for a graphic novel.

Judy Anaka

Judy Anaka 1 – Photography by Judy Anaka

This shot shows the timelessness of Azur where this could have been taken in the 18th century. The buildings near the right side appear to have been destroyed, but this is actually a problem with low draw distance. Perhaps the effect was deliberate! Low draw distance helps your computer rez the world and is particularly helpful when moving. You can almost always set your draw distance higher for static shots.

Karly Twine

Harbor – Photography by Karly Twine

This amazing shot was taken from the west dock in Aquitaine across the bay. Very interesting lighting because it appears the sun was in the north, giving an entirely unique view of the region.

Kim Luga

Kim and Esca bike with kids – Photography by Kim Luga
Children Playing – Photography by Kim Luga

These are particularly interesting photos because they show life in Azur. A traditional bicycle is available for anyone to use in place of this motorbike. Building the sandcastle is a great shot, but there are no sandcastles in the sim. Great idea, though! These photos were taken on the north beach.

Knitted Bit

What do you mean with No Dingi.. no Pizza – Photography by Knitted Bit
Starboard! omg.. Starboard!!! – Photography by Knitted Bit

These photos capture both the beauty of the region and activity. The sailboats may be rezzed by residents, but there are no sailboats for use by visitors. Visitors may use the rowboats mentioned earlier.

Lena Carina Nowikow

The spray hits the rocks – Photography by Lena Carina Nowikow
Dance with a Dolphin – Photography by Lena Carina Nowikow
Home sweet home in the morning fog – Photography by Lena Carina Nowikow
Morning Mood – Photography by Lena Carina Nowikow

Lena captured the beauty of the region. Two of the shots are from her balcony. The waves breaking on the rocks is near the southeast corner of the bay. The shot with the dolphin is out in the bay and not the one by the rocks.

Lucas Von Broich

Snapshot_008 – Photography by Lucas Von Broich

The rocks at the beach provide lots of things to do, including diving into the water. This is a great action shot!

Margo De Graaf

Arriving at Azur – Photography by Margo De Graaf
Early Morning Flyby – Photography by Margo De Graaf

These two photos by Margo De Graaf show not only great shots of the fishing village, but also the ability to rez for residents and the ability to take off from an airfield in Ville de Coeur to fly. The airfield is located in Coeur de Franche-Comté, 6 regions away.

Margot Lumone

Trolley en panne – Photography by Margot Lumone
Croisiere en mon Laser – Photography by Margot Lumone

The photo of Margot stepping off the bus and being greeted by a mime is amusing as the mime appears to be happy to see her, but in reality is frozen in that position. This particular bus does not run in Ville de Coeur, but a trolley provides transportation to all seven regions. As with other photos of vehicles, the bus is shown on the correct side of the road for France, but not for Ville de Coeur. Vehicles in VdC still pass on the left (as they do in the UK) for historical reasons.

The second photo shown is Margot’s sailboat. Residents can temporarily rez their own vehicles.

Maryse Teichmann

Beach Volleyball – Photography by Maryse Teichmann
Shopping sur la Cote d’Azur – Photography by Maryse Teichmann

Maryse captured not only life at the beach, but actual action shots! There is some shopping available in Azur and the volleyball court is always present.


Cheap-Cheap- – Photography by Yves

Yves created an interesting set of photos that reflect something one often finds at the beach, i.e. people trying to sell products!


Maryse Teichmann – 1st Place – 85 points

Beach Volleyball – Photography by Maryse Teichmann

Amélie Mercereau – 2nd Place – 68 points

A Day of Shopping at the Wonderful Boutiques – Photography by Amélie Mersereau

Claudia Bernheim – 3rd Place – 65 points

Feed the Dolphin – Photography by Claudia Bernheim

Amélie Mercereau – 4th Place – 60 points

Quiet Moments at Day’s End – Photography by Amélie Mersereau

Karly Twine – Artistic Award

Harbor – Photography by Karly Twine

All four judges selected Harbor as a top 10 candidate, with two of the judges giving a rating of 10. However, since it does not show activity or life, it was not scored with the others, but instead awarded the winner of the artistic award.

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