Horse Riding

Thirsty Horse – Coeur de Bourgogne – Ville de Coeur

Thirsty Horse Stables

There are riding trails throughout Ville de Coeur that you can use for walking or riding your horse or one you borrow (see the Temporary Horse section below). The Equestrian Trail begins at the Thirsty Horse Stables and extends through four regions: Coeur de Bourgogne, Normandie Coeur, Poitou Coeur, and Coeur de Franche-Comte. In Franche-Comte, there is a trail that goes off to Alsace. In Poitou, you can follow the road to Aquitaine and Azur, so you have access to all regions in Ville de Coeur.

Ville de Coeur Equestrian Trail

As always, please avoid getting too close to private homes to avoid their security systems. Stay on the trail or roads and you’ll be fine.

Temporary Horse

If you don’t have a horse, you can use one temporarily by dropping by the Thirsty Horse Stables. From the paddock, look towards the right side of the main entrance for a horse with a sign to “Borrow my Horse!”. Click on the horse.

Click on Horse for Menu

A menu will appear on your screen giving you twelve options.

Select Horse you want to rez.

Select the horse you would like to ride. The horse will appear next to the existing horse. Right -click on the horse and select “Ride”

Horse appears next to existing horse (this is Magic). Right-click on this horse and select “Ride”

You will be seated on the horse.

You will be seated on the horse!

A menu will appear inviting you to attach a HUD.

The HUD is not required to use the horse, but will give you more control over the horse.

You may need to turn off your AO. Clicking the horse will give you some other options. Use the arrow keys to move the horse. The AO has options to change speeds, lead the horse, etc.

You will no longer be riding the horse if you attempt to teleport or Stand. Use the AO to stand next to the horse. Click Ride Left or Ride Right to get back on the horse.

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