Notre Dame- I will survive!

If you wish to reflect- the churches at Ville de Coeur are open.
We are showing our respect and are flying the Tricolore at half mast.
The firefighters have done a wonderful job and have prevented the worst- this should give us all hope- in the meantime you can visit Notre Dame here: you probably can imagine the fire at Notre Dame has shocked us to the core.All the history that was written there- the good and the bad.Seeing the flames was heartbreaking- but as somebody said- Notre Dame stands for a lot more than the building- which will be recreated- Notre Dame is the heart, the soul and the spirit of France and indestructible. We understand that the restoration fund stands at 800 mio EUR so far and growing and work will begin as soon as.
There are lots of fundraisers for this all too worthy project and we will not create another one.
Sadly there are a lot of bad people out there too, who will take the opportunity and start scams. It would be great if you would donate to this very worthy cause- but make sure you have investigated the fundraisers thoroughly.
Notre Dame will live for another 1000 years – or for how long we manage to preserve our planet.

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