Magnus Brody and the monthly Classical Ball

Those who have been with us for some time have possibly visited one of the Classical Balls at Ville de Coeur. Every second Saturday of the month Magnus Brody presents music based on a themed event- and we are always amazed of his choice of music but also his knowledge when it comes to the background. The Classical Ball is most certainly a MUST for every lover of classical music.

Magnus Brody has been involved in broadcasting since 1989 when he began presenting a once weekly show with a major London hospital radio station, of general requests and lighter hits and music aimed at an audience of mostly over 40s. For several years he then specialised with a once weekly acoustic programme, but quickly persuaded the editors to also give him a 3 hour Sunday Classical music programme which he continued to present for 12 years. The programme always included interviewing hospital staff, from catering assistants to surgeons, about their favourite classical music and what it meant to them.

Whilst with the hospital radio station, Magnus edited and broadcast the general election specials of 1992 and 1997 and was one of the first to gain broadcast interviews with local MPs who had lost their seats in shock defeats; interviews which were used during the BBC TV and Radio 4 election broadcasts. He is singularly proud that the BBC used his brief interviews with a departing Secretary of State for Defence who when asked how he felt, told Magnus, “get out of my way you stupid, little man; how do you think I feel, you total moron?” Back in the BBC studio, the programme presenter remarked, “congratulations to ‘Magnus’ there, getting the true feeling at the very moment of despair.” In 1995, Magnus was invited by a Kensington and Chelsea based London community radio station to present a Saturday afternoon Classical music programme for them, which led to interviews on both BBC Radio 3 (the UK specialist classical station) and Classic FM, a national independent station. At Classic FM, Magnus had a regular guest spot on Saturday mornings for two years, where he’d play and discuss various music for film scores with actors, directors or others connected with the movie industry. When Magnus left London in 2001 and moved to the Highlands of Scotland, he continued with an Inverness based community radio station, until he moved back to London in 2011. Magnus joined Second Life in 2006, spending much time in the Highlands of Scotland, where he was invited by the sims’ owner to begin the Grand Highland Classical Ball around 2009, becoming a co-owner of the Highlands in 2011. He continues to hold the Ball on Sundays at Brody Castle, a copy of the real-life Brodie Castle, near Inverness. Magnus began holding a monthly Classical Ball in the Ville de Couer a couple of years ago, and now also holds a weekly service on Saturdays of contemplation, prayer, readings and sacred music. In the last two years of the Avi Choice Arts Awards, 2015 and 2016, Magnus won Favorite Spoken Word / Performer / Actor Male.

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