Phew- What An Event!

First Class Entertainment!

Experimental- well- for us- and it really went well- a lot of us jumped into RP mode and in the end everything fell into place- including a few bodies, unfortunately.

We had a lot of great feedback and you are encouraged to give us your opinion- we can only learn and improve if we know what you want- and what not.

But here we go- a brief summary of the vents:

Obviously everybody wanted to pay their respect to dear deceased Richard (even though nobody really knew who he was)- and where is a better place to remember than in a cosy lounge with good music and a bit of entertainment and an innocent drink or two?

Remembering Richard

Clearly all decent people paying their respect

Suddenly shots could be heard from the upper entrance and Bederico opened the emergency escape- Giacomo (Lefty) Aubretti, Dottore Pietro Panacetti and Ariola dived for their guns and jumped into position to give the mourners time to escape through the secret fireplace door.

The chaos was perfect- nobody really followed what happened next- unfortunately the losses on the Panacetti side were higher than anticipated- one of the victims being Ariola.

The Panacettis have gathered to mourn but obviously the question came up- who grassed us up? The cover of the Funeral Home was perfect- it must have been a mole- but who? There will be retribution.

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