Prohibition – Chicago

Prohibition – Chicago Event

Prohibition – Chicago at the Hospice, Saturday 23 February at 12 Noon

The year is 1929. We pass through the warehouse district, a few shops, and down a city street in Chicago. You can hear the latest hits by Rudy Vallee, Count Basie, and many others playing on the nearby radios. You read the signs explaining how alcohol is a solvent and is only good for varnish, paint, shellac, hair tonic, and perfume.

You are well familiar with the increase in crime bosses in the Chicago area that will do anything to protect their business of producing and selling alcohol products illegally. Funeral homes are now thriving, due to the extra “customers”. Some mob bosses are now involved in the businesses because they are so lucrative!

Today, you are here to pay your respects to Richard, who you really don’t know very well. Well, maybe not at all. But you have heard people seem so much happier after attending these events and it’s time to see what all the hoopla is about!

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