Aquitaine Lockhouse

Lockhouse – Aquitaine Coeur Nord – Ville de Coeur

Lockhouse – Aquitaine Coeur Nord – Ville de Coeur

This house is unique in that although it appears to be a simple two floor country house, it also has a basement with a hidden indoor pool. To access it, go downstairs through the kitchen. The small room has another door with an entrance to a larger room.

The residence features privacy drapes. A radio is also installed at this location (see the baroque angel plaque on the inside of the upstairs door).

The lock next to the house is fully automated and therefore does not require anyone to know how to operate it. The lock currently only allows boats to go from the lower level to the upper level. There are rapids on the western side of the region for the boats to get back down. Only the Coeur rowboats and kayaks work with this lock. There is another lock in Normandie Coeur that must be operated manually.

External landscaping is handled by the Ville de Coeur. It is not necessary to add plants.

300 LI – Additional land impact may be available at 12L/LI/month

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