Hide & Seek it is….

Not gonna make it easy

In a way I can understand that people are up in arms and attack me when we are saying that we are having a fox chase- there is nothing worse and Bedrich and I are 100% for the ban- it is barbaric and vile and…..

So this is not what we are doing or promoting. We were looking for some fun filled activity that requires some quick thinking and a bit of speed, where we can make good use of our horses- and we came up with the fox (tail) chase.

After having my eyes almost scratched out by 2 ladies (without knowing the facts or details or at least questioning them) I feel like I have to clarify again: NO- IT IS NOT A FOX KILLING HUNT- and NO- WE DO NOT FRIGHTEN A LITTLE FOX EITHER!

It is Hide & Seek- that’s all it is. I run off and drive everybody nuts by either disappearing in bushes, running in circles around horses- running in a different direction under your horse- jumping over you- and hop into a trolley if I need a break.

Your goal is to touch my tail- which will give you a point if you are close enough.

So far everybody enjoyed it- including me (The Fox).

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