VdC Winter Olympics Winners Announced

“Snowmobile Race 2019” by Lena Carina Nowikow

The Ville de Coeur Winter Olympics 2019 were held at the Campground in Vieux Colmar – Coeur d’Alsace – Ville de Coeur on 13 January, 2019. DJ Moga provided overall commentary and an awesome selection of upbeat music, while Cathrine, Eni, and Al provided checkpoint monitoring. Cheering cards were created by Wrenn Allyn.

There were 4 events:

  • Ice Skating
  • Skiing
  • Snowmobile Racing
  • Sled Racing

The ice skating race was held with nearly 10 participants skating the course that followed the canal. The area of Franche-Comté, recently hit by storms, was strewn with fallen trees that the racers had to avoid. Upon entering the Bourgogne area, they had to make a sharp left to the Hospice Pond. From there, the long journey to the Normandie lock, before returning back to the campground. Doc Pekel Panacek won the ice skating race after a last minute change in position.

The skiing race left the campground pond and followed the equestrian path through Franche-Comté, Bourgogne, Normandie, and Poitou and back. This was a close race with four of the participants in a very close lead, but Knittedbit held out to cross the finish line only seconds ahead of the others.

The snowmobile race followed a challenging route through Vieux Colmar filled with frequent turns including a hairpin turn! Racers stayed spaced relatively far apart, but curbs, slippery roads, and trolleys resulted in several swaps for the lead. After a number of rounds, the race was finally won by Amelie.

The sled race was used to determine the winners of the competition. This very exciting race had Amelie pull out in front with Doc Pekel close behind. Knittedbit shifted to a higher gear and passed the two leaders several times, but the high speed resulted in missed turns. Still, Knittedbit stayed very close to keep all three finalists close to the lead position, until Pekel drove past the hairpin turn and ended up in Franche-Comté! It was impossible to determine who would win the race as Knittedbit moved into first several times. Amelie maintained control to win the race, followed by Knittedbit, then Doc Pekel after driving a different route back to the campground.

Congratulations to the three winners that each won a trophy and a cash prize for their efforts!

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