Our Critters and the Seasonal Fox Chase

Wherever you look in Ville de Coeur you see them- dogs, cats, horses, cows chicken, weasels and so many more- we just love them- and that is RL too.

We will never allow an animal come to harm at Ville de Coeur nor will we encourage behaviour that could lead to harm- so now- how does this match our Fox Chase?

First of all – I love horse riding and most of the traditions that go with it and the English Fox Hunt is one of those traditions- and we despise it- at least the way it used to be done. Nowadays the laws forbid the fox being chased by hounds and it gives at least some sort of protection to these most gracious and cute creatures.

I am living in an area where people- thank God, think the same way- they follow the tradition- but the hounds are sent after a scent that a rider carries.

In SL we can make it a bit more fun- we can chase the fox (which is usually me) but not with any bad intent- what we do- we touch the tail- if you are close enough, the fox will lose the tail and it goes into your inventory (it grows back within 20 seconds and the chase goes on).Winner is the one who collected the greatest number of tails.

So- I am running my socks off so you can have fun- and that it is.

Our next chase is scheduled for the 27 January 2019 and there will be practice sessions before. You can ride any realistic ride able horse. For more information contact me or watch the group announcements.

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