Ready to Roll..

Applications can be picked up now

Application Forms are accepted immediately.

The deadline for the submission of your film is midnight of the 14th September 2019.

The Award Show will be held on Sunday, 21st of September 2019 with a ball to follow.

If you are nominated for an award you will be required to be present at the Award Show or provide a proxy.

Yes- it seems to be a long time until September but we want to give you sufficient time- and us too. You can submit the link to your YouTube video immediately- it will be available to be watched on our website. You may submit more than one entry.


The categories:

Landscape- if you just want to show beautiful pictures of the regions and paint some sort of moving picture and create an

Travel etc: obviously all left to your fantasy- but as a thought- if you travel the sim by trolley, carriage, horse, car or bicycle – tell us about the villages and things and maybe people you see- maybe stop in one of the eateries… 
or- tell us about your beach holiday and the wild parties 
at Coeur d’Azur

Historical: Use VdC as the backdrop for a story about a historical event or people- there were plenty in France 🙂

Fiction: The world is your oyster- or VdC in this case. Love, Crime, Spook, Espionage, Romance- go for it.

For all categories however: VdC IS MATURE RATED- no naughty bits or acts- suggestive is fine- anything more is not!

What the judges will be looking for is graphic, story and atmosphere.

The length of the movie is up to you, but keep your audience in mind. If you have an interesting story and you need time to develop it, then take the time you need. While we recommend 10 minutes or less, you could conceivably have an hour long presentation. On the other hand, a short 3 minute vignette like a music video could be entertaining.

Speaking of music videos, be absolutely sure that you have permission to use the soundtrack if it is under copyright protection. Otherwise, it may be removed from YouTube or the soundtrack may be disabled. Typically, covers by performers in SL have restrictions in usage involving the composer/lyricist. Original music by a performer can be recorded with explicit permission of that performer. You may use music from the YouTube sound library with attributions as required.

For any questions or special requirements please contact Bedrich Panacek or Ayla Guisse- we gladly help.

Pick your application up at the Ville de Coeur Info Center in Aquitaine Coeur Nord

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