Trolley Tour

Trolley Stop at Place des Marchands – Vieux Colmar – Ville de Coeur

Trolley Tour

There are seven regions in Ville de Coeur and exploring them can be challenging! Hop on a trolley anywhere along the route and enjoy 20 minutes of ever-changing scenery! You can ride this as often as you like. If you find something interesting, hop off and look around. You can always hop on the next trolley.

The different trolley should come along every 3-4 minutes. There are about 15 stops along the route, but none are currently marked. The link at the top of this page takes you directly to one of the stops. The tour is also not currently narrated, but we hope to add that soon.

Please do not stand in front of the trolleys. While they will usually try to be careful, they have been known to do whatever it takes to stay on schedule!

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