Serenity Mini-Golf Park

Serenity Mini-Golf in Vieux Colmar – Ville de Coeur

Serenity Mini-Golf Park

Serenity Mini-Golf is a challenging 6 hole golf course located at the north-east corner of Vieux Colmar – Ville de Coeur. You can also pick up free outfits if you are a member of Ville de Coeur. To play, just sit on the first green (the one on the right in the photo). You will be asked to attach the golf club to your avatar. Use your right and left arrow keys to aim. Then hold down the left mouse button to putt. The longer you hold it, the harder you will swing, so try to judge that carefully. Once you get the ball in the hole, go on to the next green!

This area also includes Tai-Chi located in the center of the course. Ring the bell if the balls are not visible. Up to 8 people can participate at a time. The music is from the default radio station played in Ville de Coeur or from La Place de la Petite Venise when a performance is on-going.

There is a bistro cart with tables and chairs for those that just want to hang out with a coffee, soda, or wine and cheese. One of the tables has a game of chess.

The canal is adjacent to the park and has a dock with ice skates in winter and paddle-boats in other seasons.

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