Ride a Bicycle

Bicycle Rack at l’Ancienne Douane – Vieux Colmar – Ville de Coeur

Bicycle Rack at Aquitaine – Ville de Coeur

Riding Bicycles in Aquitaine

There are a number of bicycle racks throughout Ville de Coeur, especially in the villages. The bikes are made by different creators and each type of bike as their own little quirks. The bicycles shown in the photo are found in Aquitaine. They are relatively slow, but can work with couples. They also have very nice poses for photography sessions. Other bicycles such as the racks found in Vieux Colmar have various speed options, but steering them is challenging. Both types work well with practice.

Residents are able to ride their own bikes, and anyone can use wearable bikes. There are bicycles on sale at G&D Motors, but these may only be used in Ville de Coeur by residents and merchants.

Note that unlike the roads in real life France, you should try to stay on the left side of the road, especially when you see an approaching trolley or other vehicle.

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