Coeur d’Azur Beach

Coeur d’Azur Beach, Ville de Coeur

Coeur d’Azur Beach – Ville de Coeur

Coeur d’Azur is the largest beach in Ville de Coeur. There are various activities other than simply laying out on a beach blanket, listening to music, and being lulled to sleep by the sound of cicadas (cigales) in the background:

  • Tai-Chi is available on the beach. If the poseballs are not visible, simply click the sign on the wall near the main stairs. Want to listen to something more relaxing? Click the music sign on the wall and choose classical or island instead of the usual music played at Ville de Coeur.
  • Dances are available by clicking on a sign on the back wall.
  • Touch a surfboard and get out on the water. True, you won’t find large waves on the Mediterranean, but it can still be fun!
  • Click on a Jet Ski and explore around the cape.
  • There are several floating rings that are great for relaxing on the water or cuddling with someone special.
  • Check out the rowboat for more cuddle options.
  • Play volleyball with friends.
  • Would you like to swim but you have no swim HUD? Click on the orange/white bouy and sit on the poseball that appears next to it. You can swim until you stand.
  • Out by the rocks behind Le Coeur Gentil, you will find a little shack on stilts where you can sit alone or with a friend.

Nudity is NOT permitted in Coeur d’Azur. We also highly recommend that you only wear beachwear at the beach and in the immediate area of the promenade.

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