Carriage Caller at the Campgrounds in Vieux Colmar – Ville de Coeur

Sleigh Ride

One of the primary means of transportation is by the village carriage service. Residents can choose their type of carriage from their home, but anyone can request a vehicle for traveling through Ville de Coeur. During the winter, the default vehicle is a horse drawn sleigh. During other months, the actual vehicle type may vary depending on special events or it might be a horse drawn carriage.

To use the carriage, simply click on a sign that appears as shown below:

Call a Carriage Signs

A message should immediately appear indicating that your carriage is on the way. Please be patient because it arrives by driving up to you. This can take up to a minute, but typically in fewer than 30 seconds.

Once it arrives, have everyone sit in a seat, then click on the horse (or vehicle). You will be presented with a menu that includes options for Locations, Shopping, Venues, or Activities. We recommend that if you do not know your way around Ville de Coeur, you should use only Shopping Venues, or Activities.

  • Shopping – Clicking on shopping will give you a list of the shop types. After choosing the type of shop you want to see, click the shop name.
  • Venues – This will give you a list of venue types. Select the type of venue, then select the specific venue location. You may receive a description of the venue with the option to Go There!
  • Activities – This will give you a list of activities. Select the activity of interest. You may receive a second set of options.

In all cases, the vehicle will find the shortest route to your destination and take you there. You can change your destination at any time, including after you stop, as long as you do not get out. It will return to the stable once you exit the vehicle, so don’t bother getting back in. Find another post and call a different vehicle.

Sometimes the vehicle is heading in a different direction than your intended destination when you select it. The vehicle will turn around at the next intersection.

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