La Place des Marchands

La Place des Marchands – Vieux Colmar – Ville de Coeur

La Place des Marchands – Vieux Colmar

La Place des Marchands is modeled after Rue des Marchands in Colmar, France. Photos of Colmar will invariably include the intersection of Rue de Marchands and Grand Rue with the medieval style half-timber buildings. This is one of the most enchanting areas of Colmar with decorations and kiosks during the Christmas season and beautiful flowers during spring and summer. An archway with a food market and café leads to La Place de l’Ancienne Douane.

La Place des Marchands in Ville de Coeur has tables for dining or hanging out. A trolley usually arrives every 3 to 4 minutes on its 20 minute tour of Ville de Coeur. Carolers sometimes sing here during Christmas.

The shops that line the plaza vary and include fashion, an art gallery, a butcher shop, café, and even a horse stable! An underground furniture store has an entrance in the same building as the stable. Kiosks will also be found featuring seasonal items.

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