Kuumba Gallery

Kuumba Gallery @ Coeur d’Azur

Kuumba Art Café in Coeur d’Azul – Ville de Coeur

Kuumba Art Cafe contains original art by Hadiya Draper in cafe setting on the promenade of the Coeur d’Azul beach in Ville de Coeur.

Self-taught, Hadiya Draper pushes the limit to explore different styles and techniques in each piece of artwork. She dreams in mixed-media and image manipulation to create visuals of female sensuality, abstracts, and landscapes.

Her inspiration springs from the work of the traditional and digital artist, the natural environment, and concept art.

“I start with a theme or idea and progress where it takes me. Oftentimes, I end with something different that is an expression of me at the time, the mood, a feeling.”

Hadiya is active in the SL art community. She has received many awards and recognition for her artwork. You may see her works at the many exhibitions across the grid.

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